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To: AMP Chairman, Catherine Brenner

Save The Basement - Iconic Sydney Music Venue

Save The Basement - Iconic Sydney Music Venue

Shelve plans to raise the rent to an exorbitant rate which would force the closure of The Basement in Sydney.

Why is this important?

The Basement is a historic and iconic Sydney Music Venue.
Over its 42 years, thousands of local and international acts have performed at The Basement to generations of Australian Music Lovers.
The Basement currently supports performances by many Sydney Musicians and touring international acts,
it is an intimate inner city venue near Circular Quay, with fantastic sound and stage, great meals and wonderful staff.
Many of Sydney's independent music venues are currently under pressure from, or have already been closed by, over zealous licensing police, council rangers and impossible fines.
The once thriving Sydney live music scene has been crushed by lockout laws placing of residential developments too close to existing entertainment venues.
Being one of the jewels in the crown of indie venues in Sydney, the Basement should remain open under fair terms.
Please petition the AMP Chairman, Catherine Brenner to save the Basement rather than bringing on its closure.


How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • Sydney is sadly lacking in quality live music venues and if it truly wants to be recognised as a world class city like New York then it needs to at least save The Basement .
  • The Basement is an Australian cultural icon as important as the Opera House and the Art Gallery. AMP would set a worthy example as responsible corporate citizens by sponsoring The Basement as a showcase venue for Australian performing artists.
  • because it is an iconic venue that should not be lost forever,If you played at The Basement you made it


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