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To: The NSW Government



This petition of citizens of NSW brings to the attention of the NSW Legislative Assembly the urgent needs to ensure that TAFE NSW remains the pre-eminent provider of high quality, and accessible, vocational education and training to the citizens of NSW.

The recently announced cuts of $1.7bn to the education budget must not detrimentally affect the people of NSW by forcing TAFE NSW to reduce either the capacity or quality of its educational programs. Smart and Skilled NSW should primarily support TAFE NSW, with a competitive training market only operating where TAFE is unable to deliver.

We call on the NSW Government to recognise and maintain the crucial role TAFE NSW plays and ensure that TAFE NSW:

1. Has sufficient growth and capital works funding to maintain a world class TAFE system across the state;
2. Continues to offer a wide variety of educational programs to meet the needs of NSW citizens, allowing them to gain the skills needed for successful and satisfying careers;
3. Maintains high quality educational standards with professionally qualified teachers;
4. Maintains specialist units such as Outreach, Aboriginal, Multicultural, Disabilities, Language Literacy and Numeracy, and Counseling, which provide support and education to students who may have additional learning needs;
5. Has the resources to address the needs of all students, including those requiring second-chance and further education, and is not forced into a for-profit model;
6. Is not subject to the fluctuations of a competitive training market, as outlined in Smart and Skilled NSW, but rather is funded and supported as a critical public asset.

Why is this important?

The NSW Government announced a huge cut of $1.7bn to the education sector last year. While they have promised that no frontline staff will be cut from schools, no such promises have been made about TAFE. Smart and Skilled NSW will be implemented in 2014 reducing TAFE to the vagaries of the market as has taken place in Victoria, and possibly leading to the collapse of the TAFE system.

TAFE is the only public provider of vocational education and training in NSW. TAFE is located all over NSW, it is affordable and it helps people reengage with education. TAFE is a vital part of our education system! If these changes are fully implemented we are going to see:
1. At least 800 jobs cut from across TAFE NSW
2. An increase in course fees for TAFE students of at least 9.5% and more courses fully commercial
3. Important TAFE courses being put out to tender to private education providers, who operate on a for-profit model
4. A student voucher system introduced that will support cheap fly-by-night educational providers and undermine TAFE with its facilities, student support services and professional teachers

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Reasons for signing

  • We need to keep training and education affordable - we need tradespeople; as a society, everyone has a place.
  • TAFE is a vital source of training to get our young people into the workforce.
  • TAFE is a cornerstone of a broad based education system that allows access to education at all stages of life and is particularly important for people who come to want further education after working for a bit. It was also affordable. This affordability is no longer available and, farcically, it is now cheaper to do a uni degree. John Courcier


2015-01-29 17:00:28 +1100

1,000 signatures reached