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To: State Government of NSW

Save Sydney's Luna Park

Save Sydney's Luna Park

Stop trying to undermine the operation of Luna Park, through the courts.
Stop the NSW Government from interfering on a ride by ride basis.
Stop the potential re-development of this site.
Stop any foreshore development of this iconic site.

Why is this important?

Luna Park is a battle fought and won by the people, almost fifty years ago.
The owners of Luna Park have worked hard to make this a viable operation, a venue used for a mixture of events and its bread and butter fun park rides.
I grew up with this venue, where a kid from not only, the western suburbs, but visitors from around the world could enjoy our harbour from these rides.
The greed of this government and the clandestine nature of its operations makes me think there is a hidden agenda. One which would no doubt include a "sell-off".

Reasons for signing

  • Luna Park was there long before the rich greedy developers. Stop complaining.
  • Iconic Sydney heritage site. Many childhood memories.
  • Everything is falling at the hands of our greedy government I won't give up saving it without a fight


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