To: Surf Coast Shire Council, Matthew Guy-Minister for Planning

Save Spring Creek valley

Save Spring Creek valley

Dear Councillors of the Surf Coast Shire and Minister Guy
Please don't approve the residential development of the Spring Creek Valley.

Why is this important?

Many people have moved to live in Torquay because of its magnificent beaches and beautiful hinterland. Simply, it is why we live where we live.
The Spring Creek Valley provides a vista of rolling hills, a flowing fresh water creek stocked with bream, year-round water access and a mature tree canopy for birds and shelter for wildlife. It is a delight to the eye. The creek flows gently out to the Surf beach, and is a source of beauty and recreation to many residents and holidaymakers here.
In the past few years we have witnessed the development of residential areas in Torquay with smaller blocks; houses so close to each other on narrow streets that there is no tree canopy, cars are parked on the street creating congestion and hazard. Should similar residential developments be allowed in Spring Creek valley the trees will be removed, the creek will become contaminated with run off, congestion will escalate and the vista will be downright ugly.
There is now a number of land developments to the north of Torquay and in other areas of the Shire that will provide a variety of residential sized alottments with already established infrastructure, commutability and the promise of schools and community services to meet the needs of the growing shire population. This is where our future residential developments should be.

Reasons for signing

  • had to just had to fight back
  • We need to leave a little bit of nature in Torquay, we have way to much development going on and it is becoming overcrowded.
  • I have witnessed the destruction of a beautiful valley in Sydney where I played as a child. This is a precious resource and should not be developed.


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