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To: Town of Cambridge

Save Sam's Garden

Save Sam's Garden

The residents of the Town of Cambridge are developing a strong sense of community through our fairly recently established facebook pages such as the Community Noticeboard, Wembley Gift, Swap & Community Chat, Buy Nothing Wembley, Share Repair Recycle Reduce, and Secure our suburbs, take control. Our Mayor is a member of at least one of these pages. A strong unity is developing among us because of our concern for the environment.

We are extremely distressed to hear the Town of Cambridge wants to destroy the verge garden lovingly established by Samantha at 181 Daglish Street. Known fondly by many families as The Faerie Garden, it provides a sanctuary for bees, butterflies, and frogs, a delight for passing children, and an inspiration in ecological gardening. Samantha's extraordinary efforts to reduce methane production, are highly valued by many members of the community who take part in her scheme

Why is this important?

The garden plants on Drew Street are more than 10 metres from the corner of Daglish Street and we strongly disagree that these plants cause any sight obstructions to motorists.

We ask you to hear the voices of your community and stop the planned destruction of our beloved Faerie Garden.

Reasons for signing

  • We only got ONE WORLD!
  • Because a kid doing gardening is the most natural thing there is
  • Checks and balances are needed in the community because all too often, a few loud voices will ruin it for the happy but otherwise silent majority. Councils cannot see everything, so speak up.


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