To: Department of Community Safety Minister Jack Dempsey

Save Rural Operations!

Save Rural Operations!

Dear Jack Dempsey. We need our rural operations support staff to effectively protect our local communities. Without these staff there will be a lack of proper training, incident management will lack proper support and our safety will be compromised.

As volunteers in rural brigades. Our brigades support ourselves financially by the fire levy and donations. We hardly touch into Government Funding. So why get rid of our support?

So what has happened with the budget?
Overall (all Rural Operations staff – Uniform and non-uniform)
Currently 116.8 positions Reduced to 61.5 positions = Reduction of 55.3 positions = 47.3% reduction in all Rural Operations positions
That is nearly 50% of our already overworked support.

Why is this important?

The AO (Administration Officer) role helps keeps brigades linked with important information like standing orders and safety briefings. This role also manages all administration tasks for the thousands of volunteers in that region. He/She also frees up some administrative duties of other Rural Operations Staff so they can have more time to help assist on the front line.

The BSO (Bushfire Safety Officer) role (Formerly Mitigation and Education Officer) for South East Region manages 100 Volunteer Community Educators who have educated over 20,000 residents last year in South East Queensland alone. Without the BSO this would not have been possible!
You cannot deny it , we have saved lives!

The BTSO (Brigade Training and Support Officer) assists brigades with delivering vital training and helps keep brigades at an operational capacity. The BTSO is the spider that keeps the web strong!

The ATSO (Area Training and Support Officer) creates training opportunities and writes training programs that keep rural fire fighters competent in an operational capacity!

The AD (Area Director) manages the team and helps with the decision making process on brigade issues. This experienced staff member comes from a rural background and makes decisions based on fact and need, not by personal judgement.

Do these roles not sound important?
Each role ties together perfectly and is as important as the other.
Save our rural operations staff! Your volunteers will love you for it!

How it will be delivered

Via email and possibly in person to Brisbane Parliament House.

Reasons for signing

  • Typical bureaucratic decision - save money by making the volunteers work harder for less. Only this time, it could be life threatening not just penny pinching.