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To: NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure

Save Randwick's environment & heritage with improved Light Rail design

Save Randwick's environment & heritage with improved Light Rail design

Dear NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure,

This submission is in response to the Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail Project design EIS currently on exhibition.

I support the overall goal of the project, which is to provide a more reliable public transport option for commuters and event-goers. However the current design would needlessly have significantly adverse impacts on Randwick's environment & heritage.

In recognition that one of the project's principle aims is to improve the overall amenity of areas along the alignment, I therefore hold some strong objections to the current design.

The design & alignment should be revised & improved to avoid the loss of a substantial amount of trees (including many significant trees), the loss of heritage areas such as High Cross Park, the loss of numerous residential parking spaces, and the loss of residential & pedestrian amenity.

I strongly support further investigation for improved design through ongoing and meaningful consultation with city councils, as well as other relevant stakeholders (including local residents).

Why is this important?

* Please make a submission first (this is more important) before you sign! Read on, follow the links, & please view the Facebook link for more details regarding each objection...

The NSW government's Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail Project aims to improve the reliability of public transport for many commuters and event-goers. However the current Light Rail design would needlessly remove 760 trees (including many significant trees), 885 parking spaces, and heritage areas.

Randwick would lose High Cross Park and 280 trees including most significant trees along Alison & Wansey Rd (around Randwick racecourse).

The good news is that there does not need to be a trade-off between environment & heritage and improved public transport. You can help achieve better outcomes for Randwick by making a submission to the EIS asking for improved design. We only have until Monday 16th December to have our say!

Go to and fill in the online submission form.

Submissions should include which specific aspects of the EIS you support, to which aspects you object, and any alternative solutions you might want to suggest. Please help to save Randwick's environment & heritage by making a submission about the Light Rail EIS today!

And finally, once you have made your submission, please sign this petition!

How it will be delivered

I will deliver this petition as an attachment to my own submission.

Reasons for signing

  • If done properly, we can have both our heritage trees and trams.
  • If these trees are cut down I will lose my faith in human nature
  • the beauty of these trees is needed more than ever to counteract t the ugly over development of our inner suburbs if we are avoid becoming another "concrete jungle" on this planet! the priceless benefits of aesthetic amenity, 0xygen to offset air pollution, habitat and shade to reduce the impact of the " urban heat island" (and the escalating reliance on air conditioning), not to mention the mental wellbeing trees provide (which has a positive impact on mental health!)


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