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To: Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Save Public Parkland at beautiful Middle Head on Sydney Harbour.

Save Public Parkland at beautiful Middle Head on Sydney Harbour.

Dear Prime Minister, please revoke your Government's decision to allow a private residential large-scale development on public parkland.

Why is this important?

We all cherish this part of Sydney. This development hands over public parkland to a private developer and sets a dangerous precedent for other parks. It also destroys heritage-listed WWII military buildings which the Government promised to save.

The Headland Preservation Group was established in 1996 by the Sydney community in response to the proposed residential development of former Department of Defence sites on Sydney Harbour.

In response Tony Abbott campaigned “to save the last unspoilt headlands on Sydney Harbour” and in 2001 the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust was established to protect and conserve harbour foreshores for all Australians.

And we are angry that it’s happening all over again! We thought we’d saved and protected it forever. Middle Head is not Mosman’s backyard - it is Australia's front yard.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the Petition to Mr Abbott in person, and you are all welcome to come along. We will ask Mr Abbott to give Australians an early Christmas present by revoking this development consent.

Reasons for signing

  • I worked in PNG from 1969 - 1991 and appreciated all that I learned about ASOPA in the early days. There is very little in Australia about its role in Pacific development and ASOPA is perhaps the most significant example of the times when this role was in its infancy. The ASOPA buildings and surrounding areas of Middle Head It should be on the National Heritage listing and preserved for our future. Enlightened lovers of Australia must agree with this
  • I am fed up with the loss of public open space and heritage listed sites being handed over to rapacious developers
  • The headland should be saved for our elderly, our kids future and wildlife. Under no circumstances should it be developed for housing of any description.


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