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To: Communities For Children

Save Park & Play

Barnados, funded through Communities For Children to reinstate the funding to continue park and play in its current format. Reinstate the funding to maintain Park & Play in all 8 play sessions with all of the current support workers.

Why is this important?

Park & Play is a vital community service that brings parents and carers together while children learn to play and socialise in a fun outdoor environment. The service appeals to a huge variety of people in the community across all demographics, because of the easygoing manner in which park & play is conducted, there are no enrollments, payments or sign ups and therefore more vulnerable people in the community feel at ease using the service. Park & Play facilitates a growing community through introducing parents and carers of all ages and backgrounds and it's a fantastic starting block to making new friends and establishing support systems to help raise happy and healthy children.

Reasons for signing

  • Anything to get kids out of the house, away from the goggle box, ipads, iphones computers, etc. or we'll end up with generations of sick and obese kids!
  • It is so important for kids and parents to have the support of the local community.
  • My Great-Grand children love to play,sing and listen to the story, at the park. Please bring it back!


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