To: Premier Mike Baird. Minister for the Environment. Rob Stokes. Minister for Health jillian skinner

Save our urban bushland and community hospitals.

Save our urban bushland and community hospitals.

Listen to your voters not to vested business interests and bureaucrats. Keep your pre election promises
Stop the destruction of an endangered species and animal corridor at Frenchs Forest. Build the long promised Northern beaches hospital on the beaches at Mona Vale not up traffic congested and flood prone roads. It is the preferred community site A community needs its health ser vices within its community. keep the Manly hospital site for community services not sold to developers.

Why is this important?

The Frenchs Fotrest site was chosen by labor ? vested interests. The liberals fought against this for years yet after the 2011 election suddenly changed their view Polls of the community suggest over 90% want the hospital at Mona vale. The previous public/private model as at Point macquarie has failed and the taxpayer has paid double for the hospital.Why destroy bushland when a perfectly acceptable cleared site exists at Mona vale, Recently the healing powers of the Mona vale site were extolled by the local members in the media.Millions have already been spent there on a maternity unit and new rehab and outpatient services Why not continue the refurbishment with inpatient services The savings on infrastructure alone would pay for this,

Reasons for signing

  • I agree that French Forest is the wrong place for a hospital and Mona Vale a much better place.
  • This hospital is in the wrong place, does not serve the majority of residents of northern beaches & will destroy precious bushland
  • We don't need a Level 5 private hospital when we have two functioning public community hospitals in the right places to serve their residents.


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