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To: Mike Baird

Save our Mambo Wetlands

Save our Mambo Wetlands

Cancel the "Secret" Sale scheduled for June 9.

Why is this important?

The Mambo Wetlands is the lungs of the most bio diverse system on the Port Stephens Peninsula. A Multi Eco System stretching from Salamander Bay to One Mile Beach. The Management of this system is 3rd world; and has been for decades.

Like a person on a ventilator, this system has been literally choking for over 40 years. The upper intertidal zone is very sick and the ground being covered by a black jelly like substance. Where there should be a multitude of birds & marine organisms, there are none.

The proposed land for sale is the last stand of mature forest; the only undeveloped high ground left. This is the forest eco system, a key element in the incredible diversity of Mambo. This is a main point where koalas cross to enter; each spring they come here in numbers to mate.

Ironically they cross the road side drain on trees that have fallen over due to the permanent saturation of the earth and environmental damage created by an ill-conceived residential drainage system. Little known, this is one of the few spots where you will see the males lick precious salt from the beach as they continue along the water front towards Wanda Reserve.

Due to its massive wingspan this is the one of the last remaining spots the sea eagle can land on the water front at Mambo.The eagles use this vantage point to spot fish. The sea eagles' roosting and nesting is located in the forest for sale. They have been here for many thousands of years, using the prevailing north east winds to hunt. The vast eddy of sea water that comes into Mambo is created by the geographic shape of Salamander Bay. The action of the eddy brings intensified marine activity to this area.

Sea level rise will mean addressing Foreshore Drive in the very near future. It was built over 50 years ago when Mambo Creek was the local dump , considered as a bog or swamp. We now realise that Mambo is not a bog , it is the lungs of a super eco system with; ocean, estuary, grassland, rainforest, mangrove, billabongs, coastal dunes...

Native to the wetlands there are; koalas, sea turtles, monitor lizards, penguins, sea eagles, possums, bats, snakes, frogs, night birds ,sea birds, bush birds, grassland birds, wetland birds..

The Port Stephens Community has an asset of enormous social,environmental and economic value, an asset that has been squandered and degraded for many years. This is by far our biggest land based natural asset with huge tourism potential. Incredibly the vast majority of the creatures are still inside.But the tipping point is now very close.

We need to stop this secret sale NOW.


Reasons for signing

  • Because continued land clearing for residential development is rapidly diminishing the unique biodiversity of the Port Stephens region. We need to put the brakes on habitat loss - NOW, before it's too late and local extinctions of species populations begin.
  • Because i want koala's to have a home as they live only in a few species of Eucalyptus trees and with all the fires, housing estates and everything else that goes on it's the least i can do.
  • Because we can be part of saving our future and our children's future


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