To: Minister for Environment and Climate Cange, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Local Councillors

Save our fabulous bay foreshores and coastal reserves from inappropriate development.

Save our fabulous bay foreshores and coastal reserves from inappropriate development.

The Victorian Coastal Strategy 2008 states that development on these foreshores and reserves must be coastal dependent.

The proposal by the Mornington Peninsula Shire to site a large aquatic.leisure centre on Crown land on the Port Phillip Bay foreshore at Rosebud will establish an irreversible precedent for all sorts of non-coastal dependent developments on our foreshore and coastal reserves which would make the Victorian Coastal Strategy unmanageable. The loophole in the Strategy of net community benefit, which the shire is trying to exploit, could include developments such as basketball stadiums, gymnasiums, community service buildings, cinemas and theatres, halls, libraries, and even schools, hospitals and shopping centres.

There are over 150 public aquatic centres either privately or council owned in the Greater Melbourne and Geelong area alone which are not located on a foreshore. This proves that such centres are not coastal dependent.

We urge you to save our foreshore from further depletion and advise the shire that its aquatic/leisure centre should be located on one of the inland sites available on the Peninsula.

Yours faithfully

Why is this important?

Victorian bay foreshores and coastal reserves are being seriously threatened by inundation by climate change/sea level rise, and unceasing development pressures.

Reasons for signing

  • Foreshore land is held in trust on behalf of all Victorians. Such a development would destroy a highly sensitive and finite resource, and a precious tract of coastal parkland. These reserves were created many years ago to protect the beauty and environmental values of our fragile coastal zones, not to provide building sites for local infrastructure. Please show respect for the visionary thinking of our forebears. Future generations will not visit the Peninsula to admire its sporting complexes!
  • Foreshore land is too important to be built on. There are other suitable places for SPA.
  • The foreshore land is for everyone to enjoy. Without it we would lose many community festivals and gatherings. Lets leave a village green for Rosebud's Children