To: Curtis Pitt MP, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

Save Our Cultural Heritage at Abbot Point

Save Our Cultural Heritage at Abbot Point

I'm a Traditional Owner of Juru country, near Bowen in Central Queensland, and myself and fellow Traditional Owner Carol Prior want our cultural sites registered under the Queensland Cultural Heritage Act as 'significant Aboriginal areas.' These areas are the midden and burial sites at Abbot Point, and rock art and ochre grounds at nearby Mount Roundback. Listing these two places would help protect them for future generations, from threats such as the expansion of the Abbot Point coal terminal, and Adani's coal rail line.

Why is this important?

Our precious places are under threat from massive coal port expansions, and the coal rail line. If the rail line goes ahead, we will be blocked from accessing sacred rock art sites. Adani's new coal terminal will be built only five metres from the burial grounds of our ancestors. The current system is failing to protect our sites. We need urgent protection for our cultural heritage.

Reasons for signing

  • Signing because 1. I am angry that the Government trying to take away the Native Titles from the Traditional Owners. 2. because the Reef can not fight for itself, it is up to us to save it. 3. because I am standing with other groups to stop this rot. I do not have Facebook, Twitter, etc, but do emails to all ministers. And my emails go to on forums, to all in my address book, to get the word out.This is fight we can not afford to lose. Lost Land, Lost People and Lost Reef.
  • It is so arrogant of Adani and our governments ignoring what are clearly significant cultural heritage sites. Not to mention the environmental impacts. We should do everything we can to stop this mine.
  • Stupid destructive and inappropriate place for port expansion.


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