To: Penrith City Mayor and Councillors

Save Mulgoa Heritage Valley from Fernhill Estate development

Save Mulgoa Heritage Valley from Fernhill Estate development

Dear Mayor and Councillors. Please do not approve the proposed development, Fernhill Estate in Mulgoa Heritage Valley. Mulgoa Valley has important heritage cultural significance, endangered and critically endangered flora and fauna, crucial wildlife corridors that should not be destroyed by development. This development is not in the Public Interest, does not comply with many conditions in the Local Environmental Plan (Penrith LEP2010) and other controls and does not provide Intergenerational Equity - the rights of our children, grandchildren and future generations to their heritage. If you ignore these rights and approve this development under Clause 5.10(10) Conservation Incentives you will be approving a development that sets a precedent in NSW, with the real potential to enable an unprecedented amount of development of Heritage Listed properties throughout all of NSW. Please answer our questions: Why does a developer need to subdivide more than 61 blocks (conservative market value over $35 million dollars) to raise $3 million dollars to conserve one heritage property for only 20 years? Conserved for less than one generation? How could you justify this to your community and the residents of NSW? Who will really benefit from this development?

Why is this important?

If the Fernhill Estate development is approved under the Heritage Conservation Incentive Clause it will set a precedent in NSW which could be used to apply for more subdivision approvals of Heritage listed properties throughout the whole of NSW. What will be left for our future generations if we do not prevent this type of subdivision? As Elders we need to be Custodians of this land and prevent developers from robbing our future generations of their history, their heritage and their environment. "When something precious is lost it is gone forever". PLEASE ADD YOUR VOICES SO WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

Reasons for signing

  • Sectioned off areas of housing in history have been bad for the community
  • Mulgoa valley is a heritage area important to Australia's history and must be preserved.
  • I love the serenity of the Mulgoa Village and the surrounding area.


2014-10-30 21:54:24 +1100

We have now reached 106 signatures! Your support is inspirational!
Our Community Meeting went really well today - around 65 attended which was great seeing it was a working day. Lots of inspiring speakers, David Shoebridge's talk was great, also Kate Mackaness from CAWB (Community Action for Windsor Bridge - check it out, the campaign is inspirational!!) and my dear friend John Hunter was so good! Also lots of really relevant and creative signs! It took place in Mulgoa Park, amongst the beautiful aged Eucalypt and Ironbark trees. Sorry I can't add photos, still learning but I have heard they are on Facebook.

2014-10-30 13:48:03 +1100

100 signatures reached

2014-10-29 17:09:25 +1100

Hello to you all! We have reached 80 signatures - what an achievement! Every day I am reminded by the animals of how important it is to save this beautiful area. Yesterday as we entered our place a large male kangaroo hopped towards our dam. As we stopped so not to disturb him he went into the shallow end of the dam, stood for a short time and then lay down in the water. When he stood up he had mud halfway up his body! He then hopped out, came about 2 metres from where we were parked, stopped and looked at us and then continued on his journey! What a privilege to share our country with him! Thank you all so much for helping to save his habitat - words cannot express my appreciation.

2014-10-28 22:39:51 +1100

50 signatures reached

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25 signatures reached

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10 signatures reached

2014-10-28 15:29:03 +1100

Thanks to you all for your support! The Mulgoa Progress Association have organised an important Special Community Meeting for this Thursday 30 Oct:


Mulgoa Park and Community Hall
Littlefields Rd, Mulgoa

Thursday 30th October: 3-5 PM


“Once something precious is lost it is gone forever”

Guest speakers including
David Shoebridge – Greens NSW MP and
Planning Spokesperson
Peter Harvey - President, MPA
Dr James Broadbent - historian
Lisa Harrold – President, Mulgoa Valley Landcare


2014-10-27 21:24:43 +1100

Hello! I have just started this campaign and I would really appreciate your support by signing my petition. By signing this petition we represent the voices that are not heard or considered. The voices of the children, generations who will be here after we are gone, the voices of animals and our environment who have no choice and no voice as they are destroyed. Also the loss to their future generations like the kangaroos, the koalas, the echidnas, the magnificent birds like the Black Cockatoos and so many, many more. Thank you.