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To: State Government

Save Melbourne City Square

Save Melbourne City Square

Dear Premier,

Melbourne needs the new Melbourne Metro Rail project, but it does not need to destroy the city in the process of constructing it. Using 2016 construction techniques, disturbance to the operations of the "world's most liveable city" can be minimised. Stations can be constructed from underground rather than by cut and fill. This will disrupt the City Square for less than one year instead of the proposed 5 to 8 years. Tunnels at greater depth will save hundreds of trees in the city and along iconic St Kilda Rd. Force MMRA to use modern innovative engineering - just like London did recently with its CrossRail project and Delhi did with its Stage One underground project. These cities had minimal disruption above ground during years of construction. Let's not have another MYKI type fiasco, adopt world's best practice now.

Why is this important?

Melbourne is now a wonderful tourist city that is a pleasure for residents and visitors alike. There is no need to destroy the city. After 20 years of development, the Melbourne City Square now functions very well, has established trees and is used by a large range of community groups. St Kilda Rd is a tree-lined iconic boulevard. It will take another 40 years to return these to their present conditions. The Melbourne Metro Rail project needs to adopt 21st century engineering practices. Tunnel construction can practically all be completed below ground. There is no need to disrupt the running of the CBD. With hundreds of trees throughout the city to be removed unnecessarily, deeper tunnels will save most of these trees. Politicians and engineers need to be held socially and environmentally accountable. With a truck removing rubble from the City Square every five minutes 24/7 - according to MMRA - the congestion and safety issues to pedestrians and cars is enormous. Let's be smart about this project.

Reasons for signing

  • Poorly and hurriedly planned without consideration of the severe impact on the City Square, residents, business owners and particularly the beautiful botanical landscape of Melbourne which may never return!!
  • The right way to build it
  • Because their plans are going to ruin lives of many business owners and residents in the area.


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