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To: Sonia Hornery MP Wallsend

Save Jesmond Bush

Save Jesmond Bush

The Jesmond to Rankin Park addition to the Newcastle Inner City bypass is slated for construction through precious remnant habitat of rare and protected species like the Powerful Owl the Squirrel Glider, as well as the Black-eyed Susan and Hakea Bakerii, which is endemic to this region.

The Hunter Community Environment Centre has heard a chorus of concerns about the effects on the species residing in George McGregor Park from the construction of the bypass.
Local ecologists have flagged the ill-effects the bypass will have on the resident species too.Poor connectivity between each side of bush divided by the bypass will inflict major harm to our beautiful native critters.
The design of the bypass can be improved so that species like the Powerful Owl and the Squirrel Glider can continue to breed, feed and survive in their own habitat.
Has Roads and Maritime Services followed best practice to ensure the preservation of the rare species in this last patch of beautiful native bush?

Why is this important?

Have you been to George McGregor Park?
It’s a verdant refuge for native species nestled amongst the suburbs in Jesmond.
The edges of the bush have been slowly encroached upon by suburban development for decades, and what remains is some of Newcastle’s last remaining habitat for impressive and unusual species like the Powerful Owl and the Squirrel Glider, the Black-eyed Susan and Hakea bakerii, all rare and protected.
The Jesmond to Rankin Park bypass will be constructed right down the middle of this native habitat by Roads and Maritime Services.
The design was recently updated by RMS to better accommodate connectivity for cyclists.
What about connectivity for the animals living in Jesmond bush?
The current design sees a giant wall of dirt blocking the path and free movement of the fauna in Jesmond bush, impacting their ability to breed, feed and ultimately survive.
There are alternatives to the current design that would improve the outlook for wildlife, such as the use of pylons which will in the long run leave less of a clearing footprint and better accommodate the animals inhabiting this beautiful patch of native bush.

We the undersigned call on Roads and Maritime Services to improve the design of the Jesmond to Rankin Park bypass to maximise habitat connectivity and ensure local wildlife populations continue to thrive .
Sign the petition and let Sonia Hornery, Member for Wallsend know that we value the species living in George McGregor Park and the long-term preservation of local habitat.

Reasons for signing

  • Stop the destruction of natural habitats.
  • We have them technology now to keep our urban pockets of bushland safe beside our urban populations. Roads can go under it or around it. Through it is no longer necessary. There are so many positives to keeping this beautiful pocket of bushland for all the community.
  • If in this day and age we don't have the skills to build roads with wildlife in mind then they shouldn't be built at all


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