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To: Richmond Valley Council

Save Historic Evans Head Primary School

Council has made a definite decision to sell the land. Two of the buildings are to be relocated in Evans Head.

Save Historic Evans Head Primary School

* Stop the sale of the historic old school site!
* Retain these buildings on the site for the community.
* Continue to use them for our Living Museum and Community
Technology Centre.

Why is this important?

This site holds great historical and cultural significance for our town. Its location in the heart of town provides Evans Head with a connection to its past, giving character and a great feel that a new building cannot offer.
To date there has been no community consultation. We cannot sit back and allow our history to be taken from us!

Reasons for signing

  • i have lived in evans all my life... over 45 yrs... grew up here attended school here. lots of great memories... and now im raising my family here... these should of been made historical buildings many yrs ago... no need for a health one facility to be here in this site... find a more suitable spot if its a must... our heritage and culture of evans need to remain in these buildings and they are part of our history
  • This is a singular reservoir of local and national history being kept alive in a locally run museum. This is a singular accomplishment for a community of this size. No tax dollars are being spent. Save the museum!
  • A great location for the Museum and a poor location for Health Care Services, particularly as tourism grows well beyond existing numbers


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