To: NSW Premier and members of the Legislative Assembly

Save Gloucester from yet another open cut coal mine

Save Gloucester from yet another open cut coal mine

The NSW Government is requested to reject Gloucester Resources Ltd (GRL) application to operate a mine, the Rocky Hill Coal Project, and also to revoke Coal Exploration Licences 6523, 6524 and 6563 and declare that the areas covered by these licences be exempt from all future coal exploration and mining.

Why is this important?

The Gloucester Valley in NSW is a beautiful, scenic area with an economy based on agriculture, dairy and tourism. Gloucester is overlooked by the iconic Bucketts and is the gateway to the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops.

The scale of exploration and mining in the Gloucester Shire has developed to a point where the entire valley is covered by coal, coal seam gas and petroleum exploration licences and other mining leases. Of particular concern is the Gloucester Resources Ltd (GRL) exploration licence 6523 which encircles the township of Gloucester on three sides, and also licences 6524 and 6563.

GRL is in the process of applying to operate an open cut coal mine, the Rocky Hill Coal Project, which will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The proposed mine will be situated in the E3 Scenic Protection Zone, only 900m from the Forbesdale housing estate, 3km from Gloucester Township, 4kms from Gloucester High School and 4.5km from Gloucester Hospital. Anyone living or working within 5km of an open cut coal mine has a far greater chance of sickness and ill health.

This proposed mine has caused great anxiety and uncertainty. If approved, it will undermine the sustainability, development and growth of alternative businesses and proposed food production. It will negatively impact on Gloucester's scenic beauty and social features, which have come to define the character and appeal of the area.

As 85% of the residents of Gloucester Shire have indicated they do not support the Rocky Hill open cut mine, Council has also voted not to support it.

Please lend your support in this vital issue for the Gloucester community.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered in person and it is anticipated that the media will be involved.

Reasons for signing

  • Precious land needs protection from a coal industry that is becoming increasingly problematic for environmental future and the people.
  • I signed because, logic suggests that this is a bad idea. Human beings health is more important than the money that mines will bring to those people.
  • They are rapeing the earth for money and i am screaming no stop