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To: CSIRO Board

Save CSIRO Climate Scientists - CSIRO Board suspend CEO LarryMarshal

Suspend Larry Marshall until the CSIRO Board are fully briefed on his autocratic decision making re globally sacking up to 350 Australian Climate Scientists and subsequently destroying critical, climate change research departments.

Why is this important?

Larry Marshal's autocratic decision threatens a globally important function of the CSIRO, climate change modelling. It also risks the loss of up to 350 highly skilled Climate Scientists and modelers. There is national and international outrage against Mr Marshal's decision plus his clear lack of consultation with key stakeholders and the CSIRO Board. His decision must be subject to due process and wider community consultation. The CSIRO is not the private domain or plaything of one man, his ego or his positional power. The CSIRO is a national asset where capacity takes years to build, no one has the right to make arbitrary decisions of this significance.

Reasons for signing

  • Keeping our intellectual resources intact is a part of maintaining the countries infrastructure and is vital. This is what our government is supposed to do.
  • If the said CEO is an entrepreneur, instead of going the easy way sacking people, he should be looking for entrepreneurial ways to raise money!
  • Take a personal pay cut, Mr Marshal, long before you arbitrarily decide to lop off the heads of so many invaluable CSIRO Climate Scientists.


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