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To: MPs, Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull

Save Community TV

Dear Prime Minister,
Malcolm Turnbull has made a decision to disallow Community TV networks, like C31 in Melbourne, to continue broadcasting beyond 2015. Please reverse this decision. Community TV networks are one of the very few real-world training environments for new actors, emerging content producers and directors, TV writers, and tertiary students studying media. Worse, these community networks receive NO Government funding - so it's not even a budget issue. Malcolm's view that the Internet should replace Community TV really highlights that he doesn't understand the role that Community TV plays in skilling people that then move into commercial networks.

Why is this important?

Community networks:
- Cost the Government nothing. They don't receive Government funding.
- Provide platforms for content producers to offer a local voice.
- Train and skill media staff and students - both in technically running TV networks, but also the creation of content suitable for TV.
- Launch actor careers, such as Rove McManus, who began on C31 Melbourne.

Please get behind this campaign to save Community TV.

Reasons for signing

  • I work with dementia patients and they enjoy the old movies especially !
  • I have been a loyal follower of TVS for years. Those Sunday night/Wed night/Fri night OLD movies are fun. The Thursday night movie review show at 930pm is also good. The odd OZ short film is okay. I loved those Saturday night Bonanza re-runs a while back. We just need TVS. And I am someone who works in the industry (with director Paul Fenech in HOUSOS) so I take my TV very seriously. Regards Stuart Rawe (aka Reg from HOUSOS)


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