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To: Premier Daniel Andrews

Save Basin Creek Rainforest Complex

Save Basin Creek Rainforest Complex

Please help us save Basin Creek Rainforest Complex from clear fell logging.

The Basin Creek Rainforest Complex is a beautiful matrix of pristine rainforested gullies and old-growth forest that forms a crucial wildlife corridor in an area devastated by clear fell logging. This corridor links the Snowy River National Park (East Gippsland, Victoria) with forests further to the West.

In January 2017, the Victorian government logging corporation, VicForests, began clear-fell logging the Basin Creek Complex without conducting adequate endangered species surveys. The government plans to log three large areas within the Complex and, after one month of logging, the upper catchment of the iconic Emerald Falls has already been destroyed.

Before logging began, VicForests claimed its surveyors had found no protected species in the area. In an emergency response, a team of local citizen scientists accessed the area and surveyed it for protected species, already discovering the endangered Orbost Spiny Cray Fish and the Sooty Owl. These discoveries forced the Victorian Environment Department (DELWP) to reduce the logging coupe along one creek, but it has failed to conduct additional endangered species surveys or halt logging while detailed surveys are conducted. It appears that a conflict of interest is stopping the Environment Department from regulating the government-owned logging company: VicForests.

Why is this important?

Logging is not only damaging the habitat of many rare and endangered species but we will also lose forever a high value tourist asset located close to the Buchan Caves, an already popular tourist destination.

We, the community of W Tree, are concerned that the higher values of biodiversity conservation and tourism are being compromised for low quality timber products such as packing pallets and woodchips. We are also greatly concerned for our own safety as it is becoming apparent that clear-fell logging also increases intensity of wildfires. Surely such a beautiful and unique part of Victoria’s natural heritage has a higher value to Australians and to our economy!

Please, watch the video and sign this petition to demand the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio, to halt the logging of this area and protect the beautiful Basin Creek Rainforest Complex. The future of Australia's natural forest is at stake!


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How it will be delivered

Deliver signatures in person to the Victorian Government and stage a press conference.

Reasons for signing

  • Limited selective logging for milling timber is OK if the impact on the surrounding area is minimal but clear-felling, especially for pulping or mass timber sales ( this means you Bunnings), should never happen, anywhere.
  • We need to be a voice. To preserve our future.


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