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To: ABC Board and management and Minister for Communications

Save ABC integrity and variety especially on RN

Save ABC integrity and variety especially on RN

Dear Michelle Guthrie

Please keep the current format and programs of Radio National. Bring back Catalyst on Tv and don't water and dumb down the integrity of the ABC and its ability to show views and offerings (such as music) from all over Australia and the world.

Why is this important?

Where else can an Australian audience get the variety and depth of views and visions and above all the stimulation of such a range of ideas?

Where else is there such a range of respected specialist journalists who cover everything from arts to science and religion to rock?

Why is the ABC accused of left-wing bias when it shows opinions of all spectra and gives voice - although not as much as it could or should - to those who don't have access to commercial media.

Why don't the Board and your minister develop pride in this unique and irreplaceable institution and those who work for it, instead of white-anting and undermining the amazingly talented a dedicated staff?

There is no place for Information and enlightenment in the categories below but the ABC covers them all so I've ticked them all!

Reasons for signing

  • It is degrading to keep lowering . the content to baby level. Lots of people who are older do listen and depend on RN for stimulation.Young people are at work during the day or out so stop using that as a n excuse. Anyway are young people expected to be dumber??
  • To help save our ABC.


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