To: Karen Andrews, Federal Member for McPherson

Open letter: #SafetyForAll refugees: Karen Andrews

Open letter: #SafetyForAll refugees: Karen Andrews

As our local member, we call on you to support a plan for evacuating the detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru that will:
-- Leave nobody behind on Manus or Nauru
-- Offer people fair options for safe resettlement, reunite families, and not force anyone to take deals that would leave them vulnerable to further harm
-- Bring anyone who cannot take up an offer of resettlement in the USA to Australia
-- Reject any amendment to the Migration Act to ban those arriving by boat from entry to Australia
-- Allow people currently living in Australia, including those born here, to remain here with friends and family in our community

Anything short of the above will be no resolution at all.

Why is this important?

The government has acknowledged the camps on Manus Island and Nauru must be emptied. This is a positive step.

However, it is critical that every person the government has imprisoned is given access to safety by the end of 2016.

47 Watts Drv, Varsity Lakes

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed due to gov criminalising legal asylum seeking and legitimising illegal, immoral indefinite detention and human trafficking (US deal). Capital is allowed to move freely yet the message to refugees is die first. die elsewhere. die again.
  • I have signed this because I am appalled and disgusted that innocent people and little children are being treated as criminals. The recent 4 corners program showed how the lives of these children in detention are irrevocably broken. Please help to try and save them.


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