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To: To Mayor Pete Harrison and Palerang Councillors


We the undersigned residents of Palerang:
(1) urge Palerang Councillors to retain the E4 zoning for rural residential areas as currently included in the draft Palerang Local Environment Plan (PLEP)
(2) proceed with finalising the PLEP within the established and transparent framework and resist as improper Motions for ad hoc policy changes

Why is this important?

Rural residential communities in western Palerang, including Wamboin, Bywong, Sutton, Carwoola, Burra and Royalla are currently zoned 1(d). 1(d) has a suite of objectives and conditions that ensured new development maintains the amenity of the area for all residents while balancing lifestyle, small-scale agriculture and the natural environment.

The NSW Department of Planning changed the available zoning categories for new Local Environment Plans (LEPs). 1(d) was no longer an option. As Palerang Council developed its new LEP, the best available match to 1(d) in objectives, landscape and amenity protection was the category Environmental Living (E4).

Palerang Council at its September 2013 meeting corrected an error in the E4 draft (as promised) to allow ‘extensive agriculture’ without the need for council consent. This means existing and new landholders can continue grazing and agricultural activities as before.

However there has been a loud and insistent campaign by some western Palerang landholders against E4 that appears based on opposing and stating fears about any zoning with the word ‘environmental’ attached. No evidence of disadvantage from E4 has been shown once the error on extensive agriculture was corrected.

The loud anti-E4 campaign reportedly has some councillors convinced that it speaks for all the residents of Bywong and Wamboin.


To keep rural residential amenity as we know it, let council know you want to stay with the draft PLEP and E4 by adding your name and comments.

Reasons for signing

  • Keep Bywong rural. R5 zoning would ruin the area, and it's not what the residents actually want.
  • The E4 zone accurately reflects land use in the relevant areas, R5 would introduce risk of adverse change.
  • so much of our environment is under threat, lets look after Palerang's


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