To: the mayor of wollongong

round about in front of koonawarra public school on the corner of byamee st. and fowlers rd.

we would like a round about in the middle of fowlers rd & byamee street in front of koonawarra public school

Why is this important?

My friend had a car accident there last night!. My daughter & her daughter both the ages of 6 were in the car. My friend is also 15 weeks pregnant. Luckily nobody was severely injured.
Koonawarra primary school is on the corner of both byamee and fowlers rd, people are always speeding over that hill. there is a speed sign already in place for a 60 zone which nobody pays attention too.
there is always accidents there and i think its about time we need to do something about it!! we would like to get a round about put in.

Reasons for signing

  • My friends children go to that school.
  • My friend's daughter was in the accident.
  • I feel the cars coming of Byamme Street have to wait far to long and stupid people come speeding over the hill towards the shops.