To: Premier Campbell Newman

Return the Funding - Emergency Services Cadets

Return the Funding - Emergency Services Cadets

I would like him to Return the funding to the Emergency Services Cadets Program and would like to keep it running as we are all volunteers!!

Why is this important?

It is important to me because i have been with cadets from the start of it when i was little helping my parents and their friends help run the groups. i want to get the program back up and running and keep it running because it help so many young children and old, it was hard to have been told that the funding was cut and that it was affected straight away. It is more important to everyone that was in the cadet program as we all loved it and we made great friends we even found the mature side of our things and find out how the emergency service act when they have to help.

How it will be delivered

I Will try and organize a meeting with him and try and get him to understand.