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To: Hornsby Shire Council

Restore Hornsby's Western side; NO highrise!

To Whom it May Concern, We, past and present citizens and friends of Hornsby Shire demand that ALL plans to redesign and develop Hornsby's Western side cease immediately. We feel that present plans for high rise redevelopment will rob our beloved 'Old Side' of her character , fail to protect her historic value and rob us all of our heritage.

Why is this important?

We feel too much of our built heritage has already been destroyed. The Eastern side is already a business and commercial district , there is NO good reason to prostitute our graceful 19th. 'Old Side' as well. Surely we can turn the western side into a people's precinct, with our beautiful new pool and park, restaurants, art galleries, markets and arts and craft stores and road side cafes. We don't need more ugly units and office blocks . Let's take a stand,Enough is ENOUGH!

Reasons for signing

  • Too much of our commercial and residential heritage is being forsaken in the name of progress and development. Let's develop a greater love for our past rather than coveting the way to progress in the future. It's time to stop and smell the roses!
  • We have to many high rise now in Hornsby
  • Hornsby local area is currently undergoing major housing developments however no new schools, community centers and little improvement to public transport or roads. Hornsby used to be a beautiful suburb with beautiful character filled homes, lets save what we have left.


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Council meeting to decide west side's fate on 11/6/2014 at 6.30

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