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To: The Hon James Merlino MP

Deliver Dinjerra Primary School redevelopment funding

Deliver Dinjerra Primary School redevelopment funding

Dear Hon. Merlino MP,

The Dinjerra Primary School community are extremely disappointed to learn that the redevelopment of our school has not been funded in the State Budget, as presented to Parliament on Tuesday 2nd of May.

Our school has been identified as urgently requiring a very overdue redevelopment and we are in the middle of the planning and designing process. A large amount of strategic planning and work has already gone into this project and this delay, with no indication of certainty as to if and when the funding will come through, is a devastating blow to our school.

Please fund the redevelopment of Dinjerra Primary School as promised.

Why is this important?

Dinjerra is the only State primary school that services Braybrook, Tottenham and Maidstone. The other state primary schools in this area are extremely overcrowded. We have the space to accommodate a rising local population yet we don’t have the buildings required to deliver a modern education, and this is drastically limiting our ability to meet the needs of our community.

Dinjerra faces significant challenges due to the diverse make up of our school population. Our students overwhelmingly come from poor socioeconomic households and English levels are far below the State average. To put it bluntly, our kids already start on the back foot and this latest announcement means that our students are being left behind by this Government.

If anyone needs a 21st Century school it is Dinjerra Primary School. Unfortunately we are forced to endure run-down,1950s constructed buildings, which provide the opposite of the flexible and dynamic learning spaces our students deserve.

We were due to start construction later this year and now we have been left in the dark as to if or when we will get our promised new school.

We urge the government to reconsider this funding decision. $7M is not a huge amount of money in the context of this budget, yet to us it means everything.

Reasons for signing

  • Equal funding for all government schools!
  • This is the school my son is zoned to and they desperately need our help
  • This is a disgrace in Melbourne of the 21st Century. All children deserve equal amenities and facilities if they are to achieve their full potential.


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A huge thank you to everyone for your support. Our story has made the local paper today please share this story with your friends and encourage them to get on board and sign!

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