To: Campbell Newman and Dale Shuttleworth

Residents for a Sustainable Upper Kedron

Residents for a Sustainable Upper Kedron

We the undersigned would like the Premier and his local LNP member of parliament to ensure that the Ferny Grove/Upper Kedron Local Plan is adhered to in full.

Why is this important?

Our local plan's density and footprint for development guidelines are not being followed. Our habitat and ecological corridors that are supposed to be protected in the local plan are being destroyed. The liveability and sustainability of our suburb is under threat from this mass, unplanned, over-development. We call on the Queensland Government to intervene to:

- Implement our local plan in full so our local road network is not thrown into gridlock.
- Support sustainable development so emergency service vehicles can rely on our local roads.
- Put our community ahead of developers.

Reasons for signing

  • Sustainbility has proven in other countires to better for the economies
  • Re zoning large tracts of land in an environmental protection zone for high density housing, especially without community consultation and to the great benefit of the developer. Such moves reduce the liveability of an area, interfere with wildlife corridors,and turn the city into an urban wasteland. Furthermore. I object to the wholesale clear felling of land for housing estates.
  • THOUSANDS OF SQ.METRES OF ROOFING & PAVED ROADS ON THOSE STEEP HILLSIDES with the rainfall concenration time reduced to near zero and 1 LITRE OF WATER for each 1 mm.of rain per each square metre will cause a huge increase in water flowing down Kedron Brook which will adversely affect ALL low lying properties downstream which any civil engineer should know except perhaps somebody with ONLY TUNNEL VISION


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