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To: Country CARE Groups,Landcare, UrbanCare, E-Groups, Conservation & Shooters alike!


Recognise that there now exist, invasively-spreading across Southeast and South-western Australia a suite-of weed species THAT ARE in FACT WORSE than those 'WONS-'listed' by state and federal Government agencies, and that this is principally BECAUSE of their known, scientifically-verifiable rising-Toxicity, due to warmer-extreme ground Temperatures(mostly in summer-Autumn ), combined with almost-doubled Carbon dioxide concentrations in the plant-leaves, that TOGETHER 'drive chemical reactions in-leaf', which results in more-than-doubled %s , or
concentrations (2-times 'the normal')amounts of the by-products and toxins that used to be(pre-1960) found in the leaves and fruits of those plants;
What is MORE, is that one or two of the Species-of-Menacing-Concern('SMCs'), namely Camphor laurel and Broad-leaved Privet are already known to be killing-off a range of
native and unique Australian fauna-wildlife, suppressing native-plants, and taking-over across a vast-range of coastal, Tablelands, and Slopes' country of the ACT, NSW, Victoria and Queensland; and IN TOTAL Numbers, these TWWs ('Toxic Woody Weeds') NOW already represent the most-common weeds appearing at the National(Canberra) Botanic Gardens, in Canberra suburbs,most country NSW towns, as well as a vast-range and extent of 'invaded bushland and riparian areas' across all 4 states/territory.
Governments have themselves TO BLAME for trying-their darndest' to ignore these species of exotic-invasive weeds, which THEY DID for 50 years because it was the
State Botanic Gardens that imported'em and multiplied & distributed them(1880s-1980!!
The Governments MUST NOW HELP to Pay the 'BY NOW Overdue' COMPENSATION-
-Dollars to ensure the REMOVAL & Replacement PROGRAMMES we MUST HAVE!

Why is this important?

1. These Programmes are 50 years overdue (e.g. my late Mother showed and told-me in
1954 at North Ryde in Sydney, how the Broad-Leaved Privets overtook' Buffalo Creek!);officially 9 Privet-Ligustrum sp. are here inAustralia, of which 3 species are already 'geographicallly invasive', and could well be (also) hybridising, to become 'worse';
2. Because the NSW State Government has been too-corrupt for too long, and some
'certain ethics' need to be re-injected back-into 'the system' here (and in Qld as well,
post-Fitzgerald Enquiry and the proven 'rampant-corruption' there, of years ago- that
still lingers in that state's (2012) Sustainable Planning Act - a typo' QLD Act of Parliament , which Act makes 'no mention'whatsoever of the/our remnant natural 'Environment'.!!!!
3. Because the federal and state boffins that 'call the shots'on what they perceive is
the country's 'worst weeds' DO NOT as a general Rule take-into-account a plant's
known TOXICITY, nor the number of toxins known to exist/be manufactured in a/ny
exotic plant species, let alone whether or not any or all of those toxins are 'made' in order to kill fauna that eats their fruit etc, OR whether or not 'cumulative toxicity' is/can be expected, on the basis of veterinary knowledge in international scientific literature
4. Because local Councils across-the-country ARE NOT Taking 'Noxious Weeds' at all seriously, and that many/most Councils' have followed Byron Shire/Gold Coast Shire 'down the tube' by no longer recognising if a 'Declared Plant' is also 'Noxious' anywhere else; and hence, a 'blinkered approach' has evolved(culturally-speaking), with lovey-dovey pictures of all the 'Environmental Weeds' being placed-onto their websites, with beaut' colour pics' of all of the pest plants in-flower(lots of colour'), but 'ZERO INFO' about 'any Caution' for humans or wildlife-lovers as to whether the plants have toxic fruit, toxic bark, toxic leaves, or are seasonally toxic, have 7 or more toxins(e.g. Camphor laurels, Privets),or whether/what wildlife species are 'most at risk'; in brief, none-of any-of-that! Scientific facts have been relegated in-favour of nice-looking websites etc
and (5) Councils have been tardy or not-recognising State Law/s that require Councils
to prepare profesisonally-challenged' Weed Species Management Plans as part and
parcel of the Shire 'Bushland Proetction Scheme/s'; Councils need to move-on-this!
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How it will be delivered

Email the Signatures, Deliver them in-person (to all capital city administrations and a
select/ed range of local Councils, and
Stage aMedia-Press Conference (Brisbane, Gold-Coast, Sydney and in Canberra)


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