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Release Sayed Abdellatif ad his family

Release Sayed Abdellatif and his family from detention in Villawood detention centre

Why is this important?

The case of Sayed Abdellatif, abundantly detailed in Guardian Australia reports by Ben Doherty and Sarah Malik, reveals not only the appalling circumstances surrounding the detention of this refugee and his family, but the equally appalling inability of the law to remedy what is clearly an injustice.
UN called for asylum seeker Sayed Abdellatif's release six months ago
We call it “immigration detention”, yet effectively it is open-ended imprisonment without charge.
Abdellatif qualified for refugee status but, on alleged security grounds, has no visa – hence his imprisonment in the high-security section of Villawood detention centre for three-and-a-half years, with his wife and six children in the family compound. The family members have opted to stay in Villawood rather than be further separated from Abdellatif.
His fate has been determined by bureaucratic go-slows, incompetence, ministerial bloody-mindedness and a failure of the law to provide remedies.
Unfortunately, his treatment at the hands of the Australian authorities follows a familiar and shameful pattern.
Quoted from Guardian website


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