To: Peter Dutton - Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

Release Pari* From Detention into the Community

Release Pari* From Detention into the Community

Dear Peter Dutton,

In line with the recommendations of multiple mental health professionals, we demand you immediately release Pari* from detention, and allow her to rebuild her life here in the community.

Why is this important?

Mr Dutton, Pari is 25 years old, and she is a refugee. Your department imprisoned her on Nauru. A year ago she watched the love of her life, Omid, set himself alight and later die of his burns.

As if that suffering wasn’t enough, Pari has been locked up in Australia since those traumatic events, despite doctors and medical professionals urging you to release her from detention.

All Pari and Omid wanted to do was to build a life together. Now, Omid is dead, and Pari is suffering.

Mr Dutton, I stand with Pari, along with other Australians who are sick of seeing our government harm vulnerable people for no reason.

Pari is a 25 year old young woman who deserves a chance to rebuild her life in the community. Peter Dutton, you can choose to free her from detention and you should.

Reasons for signing

  • There is no reason for our country to have concentration camps. What are Australian values?
  • This is inhumane treatment of a traumatised young woman and not befitting of a so called civilized country Mr Dutton - shame and more shame on you.
  • Horrific torture of a young woman. Show some care and release her.


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