To: Queensland State Government Minister for Infrastructure and Planning

Reject Halls Creek as an Identified Growth Area on the Sunshine Coast

Reject Halls Creek as an Identified Growth Area on the Sunshine Coast

Queensland State Government Ministers please respect the wishes of the Sunshine Coast Community remove the Halls Creek Identified Growth Area from the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

Why is this important?

The possibility of development at Halls Creek has been considered by the Caloundra City Council and the Sunshine Coast Council since the early 2000's and has consistently been rejected. The right of our Local Government Authority to make planning decisions with regards to areas under its control should be respected.

The development of the Halls Creek area would negatively impact on the character, amenity and lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast in several ways:

It would impose unacceptable and irreversable risks to the Pumicestone Passage, which is already under stress from existing and approved development.

The Inter Urban break between the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay would be reduced to the detriment of local wildlife and the character of our region, as a community of discreet communities, would be severely impacted.

It would not integrate with the existing and planned rail and road transport network and it would undermine the vitality of the Glasshouse Country towns along the railway corridor.

Reasons for signing

  • better town planning, not urban sprawl.
  • I have lived here for 80 years and believe nature has taken it's toll on the passage then came farming and industries which is still not controlled but can be,urbanity can not be reversed and will ruin the area for ever
  • We need to protect the Pumicestone passage and try to stop a continuous stream of development from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast


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