To: Mayor Barry Sammels and all City of Rockingham Councillors

Refuse to be Waterways Manager for Point Peron Mangles Bay Marina

Refuse to be Waterways Manager for Point Peron Mangles Bay Marina

We call on City of Rockingham to refuse to be Waterways Manager for the proposed Mangles Bay Marina.
Why? Because taking on the role of Waterways Manager would expose ratepayers to unacceptable levels of financial risk forever.

Why is this important?

The proponents for the private canal housing estate on Point Peron (also known as Mangles Bay Marina) have asked the City of Rockingham to take on financial responsibility for the Waterways Management of their canal project. This is soon to be decided on by council
According to leading WA Professor of Coastal Oceanography Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi, the proposed Point Peron canal estate will not flush due to small tides and will need expensive ongoing cleaning up.
Even the consultants for the proponents have acknowledged that the canals will not flush naturally as required. Consultants for the proponents have also acknowledged that the water quality in the Marina would be poorer than expected. This could increase the risk of algal blooms and fish kills.
Canals are banned in several Australian states because of the financial and environmental burden they place on communities.
Ratepayers of the Shire of Murray foot a bill in excess of half a million every time the Yunderup canals have to be dredged. The failed canal development at Port Geographe Bay threatened to bankrupt the City of Busselton until the W.A. Government poured in over $30 million of taxpayers’ money.
City of Rockingham must not take on the huge financial risk that would be associated with maintaining, cleaning and dredging the canals of the proposed Mangles Bay Marina.
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Reasons for signing

  • Because I would like left as it is.
  • The area must be kept as a nature and public reserve, which is its gazetted purpose. Why do Governments have to be so corrupt?
  • Once Point Peron is destroyed, it cannot be reversed.....


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