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To: vets and local councils

reducing the costs involved of de-sexing dogs & cats

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Campaign created by
hellen schleijper

For the vets & Councils to work together as a team to reduce the costs of de-sexing dogs & cats. Vets to charge the minimum only and Councils to subsidise the de-sexing costs for low income earners in their area.

Why is this important?

to reduce the dumping of unwanted cats & dogs,the overpopulation of shelters & pounds as well as the euthanasia rate of the above & protection of wildlife (in the case of feral dogs & cats)

Reasons for signing

  • Because there are to many animals homeless and being put down because people aren't getting there pets desexed.
  • I signed because reducing the costs of de-sexing would help with the unneeded litters of puppies and kitten that end up in shelters.
  • It is far too expensive to get dogs and cats desexed which is why there are so many animals being dumped and abandoned.


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