To: Tony Abbot

Reduce retirement age to 65 NOT increase to 70!

Mr. Abbott, Do not increase the retirement age for Austealians to 70. The retirement age should be brought back to 65.

Why is this important?

It gives younger people more options to work and earn. I think by the time you have worked to 60 you have contributed sufficiently to society and you should have the option of retirement! If you want to continue working you should have the option. Let's bring the retirement age back to 65 and ideally it should be reduced to 60. Please don't let any government whittle away at Australia's benefits anymore.

Reasons for signing

  • It's just a high priority issue plus the signatures are languishing badly. Surely there are more people out there who can appreciate the importance of supporting this
  • How can the average 70 year old be expected to maintain or keep their jobs if they have to perform any type of manual labour and compete against much younger workers.
  • extra 10 years is too long not all peaople will live longe to benefit whem reiting at 70


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