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To: WA Indigenous affairs minister Peter Collier

Re Register worlds oldest rock carvings on Burrup Peninsular

Mr Collier, In the interest in Humanities History and Following the Supreme Courts Decision you must reinstate and review the 22 de registered sacred sites and place them back on the register. - See more at:

Why is this important?

“It is without question one of the most important heritage locations in Australia and arguably the world; an ancient cultural and historical record of our nation’s first peoples. - See more at:

Reasons for signing

  • Protect sacred land! How would you feel if we de-listed all art galleries and cultural places holding ancient, ancestral knowledge of our people? If we de-register these sacred places will become endangered of being damaged by mining practices, vandalism etc.. They are so important to the identity and well-being of the people they belong to. please re-register in means they will protected.
  • This is important globally, not just to Australia.
  • This is so important for the history of man


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