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To: lismore city council

Re-open Lismore lake swimmimg pool

We need a local swimming pool where FAMILIES can swim for free or even a gold coin donation.

Why is this important?

Because the lismore lake swimming pool is/was an iconic community swimming pool where loads of families would spend hot summer days.Teaching their own children to swim.

Reasons for signing

  • It was a great place to go so if love to see it re-opened!! I wouldn't mind giving a gold coin donation!!
  • I lived in Lismore and Casino for 60 years and was appauled to see the lake swimming pool in such a mess I could not believe i as it was a great place for familys to have a bbq and swim during the summer , so please bring it back to be used again
  • This is such a very valuable community asset, which must remain open & free for all members of the community to enjoy & use. It provides everyone with fresh air, family fun, healthy excercise, & a safe place for social gatherings. Please keep it open !


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