To: The Premier of South Australia Jay Weatherill

Re-nationalise South Australia's Electricity Network

I'm happy with the response of SA Premier to the power issues in our state.

Re-nationalise South Australia's Electricity Network

Dear Premier
Please consider re-nationalising electricity distribution, that is "buying it back" from private ownership. We believe that the people of South Australia are not getting the most efficient, reliable and low cost electricity service possible under the current ownership. As profit is given priority over customer service.

Why is this important?

This is important because:
South Australia is paying much higher prices for electricity than other States.
SA’s electricity distributor makes four-and-a-half times more profit per customer than its sister company reaps in the UK.
Despite the super profits made by the majority owner of SA Power Networks, company representatives claim that infrastructure upgrades that would prevent the number and duration of power outages are too expensive.
If government was receiving the income from power bills it could re-invest in more stable and reliable infrastructure.

Reasons for signing

  • Chinese billionaires clearly have no interest in ensuring adequate energy distribution.
  • We are being ripped off. People before profits!


2017-01-22 09:36:25 +1100

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