To: Mr Keith Onslow - Country Rugby League

Rally Round The Banner Of Umina - We Want The Bunnies To Play This Season..

Rally Round The Banner Of Umina - We Want The Bunnies To Play This Season..

Dear Country Rugby League Delegates,
We write to ask that you reinstate the Umina Beach Rugby League Club (The Bunnnies) into the 2016 football season and not place the club into recession.

Why is this important?

The club have acquired old and new sponsors this year and are looking STRONGER then EVER.
To be removed from the competition not only causes undue suffering for the PLAYERS and club MANAGEMENT, but also for the COMMUNITY members and organisations that the club are supporting and working with this year.
It hinders the partnerships planned between the seniors and juniors of the UBRLFC as well as the Netball Bunnies.
The SPONSORS that have committed to the club also miss out, as their signage is not displayed at games or during functions.
The clubhouse renovations will have to be put on hold and the other community NETWORKS and PROGRAMS will be a very slow progress forward if the Bunnies are placed into recession.

Reasons for signing

  • The bunnies need to stay 💚❤️
  • Because sporting institutions are essential to building a strong and healthy community
  • the kids need a local team to train and play for


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Wow... 162 signatures already :) Thanks for the support each and every one of you.. Please keep sharing and Rally Round The Banner..

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