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To: All politicians

Raising the standard of politics

Dear politicians,
please take action to restore our trust in you and the political process. Your behaviours frequently embarrass us, the people you expect to trust you. We accept that most of you probably began with good intent but the adversarial and partisan approach you employ has dragged the level of discourse into the gutter. What Australia needs, desperately, is some quality conversations about difficult topics-not childish debates where winning trumps good solutions and looking for weakness and then attacking it is preferred to actually listening to each other!

In the last 150 years best practice in medicine has evolved from wiping scalpels on aprons to extraordinary advancements in improving health. Australia needs you to evolve your assumptions on problem solving and “debating” and redefine best practice in leadership by modeling behaviours that lead to better, healthier communities.

Why is this important?

It has been said that low trust is the biggest tax we will ever pay as every interaction takes longer when trust is low! A two-line email can take an hour to write when trust is low. Trust in politicians is now so low more and more of us are disengaging from politics (not just disaffected youth or Muslims) as the best way to drive social discourse. True leaders ask difficult questions and listen to the responses.

In case there is any confusion here are a few examples. We don’t trust you to:

1. be honest with us. We understand people change their minds with better information but we believe you make election promises you never intend to fulfill and then repeat the same patronising denials until everyone gets sick of it.
2. not to put self interest ahead of what's good for Australia. We believe you denigrate and ridicule good ideas from the other party simply to boost your electoral prospects.
3. not silence really important conversations with rhetoric designed to incite fear and distrust and promote your electoral prospects.
4. engage the community in really difficult conversations where you can’t control the answer.
5. not to label anyone with a differing opinion to yours as un-Australian, crossing the line or not on the team.

As probably the first generation ever to hand the world on to our children in a worse state than we inherited it, it’s a sad indictment that many of your voters feel the really big conversations (climate change, security etc.) are too important to entrust to politicians.

Reasons for signing

  • You want to change the face of politics? First you need to outlaw Political Donations and make it member based.
  • This seems the politest way and the most tactful and least attacking. But I think you are dealing with Machiavellian characters who just lie.
  • I am literally paralysed with exhaustion from the political rhetoric we are fed on a daily basis. There is a achingly vast black hole of inspirational and inspiring leadership with goals for the future of prosperity of all humanity--not just the "airbrushed" Anglicised version of it.


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