To: Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia

Raise awareness about shark finning and make it illegal

Raise awareness about shark finning and make it illegal

Dear Mr Abbott,

We ask that you make shark finning illegal - on all Australian waters. We also ask that you employ more marine officers to patrol the Australian waters where the grey nurse shark is more likely to breed or live and catch anyone who is hunting them or finning any sharks. If there were more patrols throughout fishing areas, there would be less chance of people finning the beautiful creatures and then chucking them back into the ocean to drown.

Your government will be judged on its ability to take control on the shark finning. The eyes of the world are watching! We ask that you to put an end to this inhumane and outrageous behaviour. The public will remember how you take action on issues like finning when next they vote.

Back in 2010 I convinced several Euro Parliament members to sign a application No. 0071/2010 that was signed by over 350 deputies, and eventually shark finning has been banned completely in all EU waters with no exception since 2012 ( I do hope Sir, you recognize the importance to take formal action, too.

Why is this important?

We believe that shark finning is a very important issue. We also believe that you are in a position to take action to address this issue.

73 million sharks are killed each year due to finning. They are captured by hooks than dragged on board boats to be slaughtered by getting their fins cut off while suffocating and bleeding. After being finned, sharks are kicked overboard to sink to the bottom of the ocean, finless, defenceless and drowning. Finning is not only inhumane, it also causes some sharks to near extinction. For example, the grey nurse shark is now critically endangered with less than five hundred remaining. Some species of sharks, like the grey nurse shark, only reproduce once every two years. The fact is that we are killing sharks faster than they can reproduce. Finning is unacceptable and your government needs to put it to an end in Australia.

Yours sincerely,


Krzysztof Kramarz-Fernandez

Reasons for signing

  • Sharks are such beautiful creatures. They do not deserve to be hunted down in their own territories.
  • Cruel and unnecessary treatment of animals is abhorrent - sand shark finning is diabolical.


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