To: Victorian Government, Dept of Transport, PTV

Put on a Bus from Wangaratta train to Mount Hotham

Put on a Bus from Wangaratta train to Mount Hotham

Extend the Omeo to Bright bus to make it sensibly connect Wangaratta train to Bairnsdale Train.
Giving Snow-goers two train/bus options to get to Mount Hotham with little hassle, good guaranteed connections ideally meeting the 3 trains that stop in Wang and Bairnsdale daily during Winter (maybe cutting it back to two during the summer).
Something more sensible than the current Bright to Omeo connection.

Why is this important?

The PT options to get to Mount Hotham at the moment are disgusting!
Get a train or bus to Wang, then another very infrequent bus to Bright, then another bus to Hotham Heights. 6-12 hrs to do a 4.5 hour drivable trip.

Lets make Mount Hotham accessible and therefore more fun for all to participate in.

How it will be delivered

In person to the Department of Transport, and the PTV.


2014-07-21 12:02:18 +1000

So I find it incredible that more people do not want a good connection to Hotham by the relaxing method of train most of the way, then a good bus connection.
Well... seems interesting though, people just don't care, why people prefer to drive I do not know! The train is so much more relaxing.

2014-06-30 19:43:55 +1000

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