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To: Premier Mike Baird, Chris Patterson MP, Jai Rowell MP

Put more police into Camden Local Area Command

Put more police into Camden Local Area Command

We call on Premier Mike Baird and the NSW Government to direct the police minister to urgently increase staff levels at Camden Local Area Command.

We ask Chris Patterson MP, and Jai Rowell MP to make urgent representation to the Premier on behalf of the people of your electorates.

Why is this important?

Camden has over 500 people per month moving into the Camden LGA.
Camden Police covers over 52 suburbs with the lowest number of police in the region.

Highest Population Growth +
Insufficient police numbers =

How it will be delivered

Email delivery to Premier Mike Baird , Chris Patterson MP, Jai Rowell MP

Reasons for signing

  • There is no police presence at all; no sense of community engagement, no visibility. Police should be part of the fabric of new and existing communities, building bridges, actively policing and preventing crime, not just responding to it. With rapid growth and poor infrastructure, we're creating social disasters of the future. Police have a vital role to play but they need to be out and about. So we don't just need more police, we need to see them.
  • The NSW government is notoriously famous for allowing development without providing adequate supporting social infrastructure. A well staffed police is vital to the safety and well being of our community. If the government is to turn our semi rural local area into a metropolis, resources should keep apace, or growth should stop.
  • The fastest growing LGA in NSW deserves the correct allocation of resources. Safety should not be compromised by growth.


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