To: All Australians who care about the future of our cities

Public Transport investment for the future of our cities!

Send knitting needles to Tony Abbott to give him the message that sound policy decisions on transport are not made by using knitting needles which were used in the past. We need contemporary and visionary policies which make our cities more livable and sustainable. I am referring to Tonys comment in the AGE (5.4. 2013) where he used a knitting needles metaphor to argue why the Federal Government in the past has not invested in public transport therefore the Commonwealth should not invest in PT but should continue funding more roads to build Australia out of congestion.

Why is this important?

Nations around the world are investing into efficient and effective public transport to move people and address congestion and improve livability. Finally we have seen a change at the Commonwealth Government level under this Labor Government which has set up Infrastructure Australia to make informed decisions on infrastructure priorities. As a result we have seen an increase in funding for Public Transport in our cities. As a nation we can not afford to go back to 50's policies and try to build our way out of congestion by building more roads. Not everyone uses PT but everybody will benefit if we have an efficient Public Transport system in our cities and suburbs. Let's make this an election issue and give a message to Tony Abbott. In contrast even Malcom Turnbull sees the benefits of PT for the future of our nation.

Reasons for signing

  • We need efficient public transport and less pollution from car exhaust in the cities. It's also much cheaper to travel by public transport than to drive. Promoting car-pooling would be great too..
  • Roads are the problem, not the solution
  • Cars on roads are like strangler vines choking the life out of cities, towns, and communities.