To: Fred Hilmer, Vice-Chancellor, UNSW

Protect Staff at the University of NSW

Protect Staff at the University of NSW

Dear Mr. Hilmer and members of the UNSW Council,

We ask that you protect staff at the UNSW School of Computer Science & Engineering and put a halt to the unnecessary budget cut backs for teaching staff around other schools at UNSW.

Why is this important?

In Semester One the University of NSW announced it was cutting 20% of teaching staff within the School of Computer Science and Engineering. Similar cuts happened in Built Environment and Dance.

The University intends to continue cutting courses at UNSW (it has been said that 5 more face cuts this semester), despite turning massive profits each year.

These cuts affect all students, regardless of whether their faculty is currently being cut. They will detract from the quality and diversity of courses offered at UNSW, and the Universities status as a world leader in tertiary education.

Failure to challenge these cuts as they happen also opens the gates for the University to cut more classes, yours could be next!

By campaigning to protect teachers jobs and courses from being cut this semester we can protect the quality of our education and ensure future cuts are done in a way that is transparent.

At Sydney University students recently had a victory against similar cuts and we believe it will work at UNSW.

How it will be delivered

The University Council is meeting next on the 20th of August, we hope to have 5000 signatures by the 7th of August to present to the Chancellery and Council as they meet.

This is part of a broader campaign to pressure them to protect the quality and diversity of education at UNSW, and recognise the student opposition to future cuts.