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To: The Hon. Andrew Constance, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

Protect our significant trees - amend Light Rail alignment

Protect our significant trees - amend Light Rail alignment

We the undersigned are deeply concerned about the imminent removal of hundreds of trees in Randwick due to current CBD and South East Light Rail construction plans. Despite efforts made to retain trees, the removal still includes many significant trees as acknowledged in the project's Environmental Impact Statement, which cannot be replaced on site. This will also adversely impact bicycle and walking routes.

We therefore ask you to amend the Light Rail alignment to save all significant trees, especially where there is no way to replace existing trees on site.

Why is this important?

The current CBD and South East Light Rail construction plans will result in the removal of hundreds of iconic trees from Randwick. Some of these trees date back to the late 1800s and provide important habitat for native birds and wildlife.

We are supportive of light rail, but we are deeply concerned about the removal of trees. There are changes that can be made to protect trees through certain adjustments to the light rail alignment. But we need the Transport Minister Andrew Constance to enable these adjustments to be made.

In late September, Constance enabled a substantial change, ensuring the protection of a heritage park. There is an opportunity to make changes in other places along the route, particularly where there exist significant trees that would currently be removed permanently.

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Reasons for signing

  • These trees were planted in memory of the Anzacs 100 years ago they must be saved for all of us
  • The UNSW Tree of Knowledge is iconic & planted in the 1860's - Just criminal to wood-chip such beauty :-(
  • Iconic trees once removed gone forever. Find alternative please


2016-03-07 10:00:43 +1100

We can hardly believe that come tomorrow, we have to say goodbye to more of our beautiful trees, but unfortunately those responsible are not willing to change - as yet. Have you contacted them?

Photograph: After Randwick Tree Walk for Tree Day July 2015, Alison Rd near John St, where around a dozen further heritage Hills Weeping Fig trees & London Plane trees are approved for removal for a Light Rail that should have built around our trees, not through them. And well, in this case it still could...

2016-02-08 15:40:25 +1100

Most of our significant trees approved for removal in Randwick have now already been lost.
But there are still some, like this one, that are standing yet. Please communicate directly to the people responsible, and tell them to protect our few remaining significant trees. Find their details here:

2016-01-26 10:36:34 +1100

Despite all efforts, more of our beautiful, significant trees are set to be permanently removed tomorrow, after Australia Day, on Wansey Rd near Alison Rd within crown lands.

Please read for the latest from us:

2016-01-18 22:59:53 +1100

Still no positive responses from Transport Minister Andrew Constance. Have you contacted him personally yet?
OR (02) 8574 5830

2016-01-15 17:42:57 +1100

TOMORROW (Sat 16th Jan) some have organised a Memorial event for Randwick's lost trees. See details here:

2016-01-13 10:21:34 +1100

What we have lost is already overwhelming, but these historic Hills Weeping Figs on Wansey Rd (pictured on the right) & these Palm trees are also set to be removed for Andrew Constance MP's Sydney Light Rail project. They need you to speak for them.
Please make sure you have added your voice, because it matters. See everyone's contact details here:
Tell them to stop this needless & irreversible destruction of our beautiful environment.

2016-01-08 18:01:57 +1100

Despite inspirational efforts by many, Sydney Light Rail and the NSW State government pressed on with tree removals starting at 2am today on the Centennial Park Alison Rd frontage. These are significant trees. Our community continues to be ignored, but that is no cause to give up. They are doing the wrong thing, and those of us who know better need to keep speaking up for the right thing (there are endless ways we can do this). The Keeping Randwick's Trees Facebook page: will continue as a communication platform for individual action ideas (but we do not take responsibility for them).

2016-01-07 12:06:34 +1100

Community members are advocating for the project team to meet with Randwick City Council to discuss route amendments & implementing them. Tell the Prime Minister that the community should have been heard before we lost over a dozen of our irreplaceable significant trees between Christmas & New Years, but that late is better than never to make changes for our remaining trees:

2016-01-03 09:37:10 +1100

3 days after Christmas we lost 12 trees along Alison Rd near Wansey Rd, including many trees of 'exceptional significance' as recognised on the local government significant tree register and as acknowledged in the light rail project's Environmental Impact Statement. Their removal was approved anyway, and now we are already suffering, traumatised as a community. There are still many more trees to be saved - this was only the beginning. Please sign & share.
Read our blog:!Gone-too-soon/cay8/568612730cf236d40394370c

2016-01-02 21:40:46 +1100

1,000 signatures reached

2015-12-18 17:23:15 +1100

500 signatures reached

2015-12-17 11:35:24 +1100

URGENT: Terrible news of early tree removals planned starting December 28th and involving many exceptionally significant trees along Alison Rd & Wansey Rd near their intersection.

See our note here & please take action:

Keep spreading the word about this petition - let's grow it even faster!

2015-12-16 08:55:42 +1100

100 signatures reached

2015-12-15 10:49:52 +1100

50 signatures reached

2015-12-15 02:13:27 +1100

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