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To: The Honourable Greg Hunt, MP, Federal Minister for the Environment

Protect Koalas and Quolls. Ask Federal MP Greg Hunt to say NO to industry at North Maclean.

Protect Koalas and Quolls. Ask Federal MP Greg Hunt to say NO to industry at North Maclean.

Dear Minister Hunt,
Please reject the development application for the proposed North Maclean Enterprise Precinct at North Maclean, South-East Queensland which involves clearing 289 acres of koala and quoll habitat.

Why is this important?


Since 1996, the environmental concerns raised by the community at North Maclean and Munruben have never been addressed. There have been numerous sightings of vulnerable Koalas on and around the property. There have been numerous sightings of endangered Spotted-Tailed Quolls in adjacent properties - these quoll sightings have been the first in the Greater Brisbane Area since the 1930s . Quoll roadkill has been collected from the area confirming the presence of quolls in this area. The proposed site provides valuable habitat for koalas, quolls and other threatened species including the endangered grey headed flying fox, the Swift Parrot and the vunerable Glossy Black Cockatoo.
There have been no detailed impact assessments of industry on these vulnerable/threatened species. No frog or reptile studies have ever been carried out.
By signing the petition, you are asking Minister Greg Hunt to REJECT the North Maclean Enterprise (Industry) Precinct proposal. You will be giving our unique Koalas, Spotted-tailed Quolls and other Endangered/Vulnerable wildlife of North Maclean and Munruben a chance of survival. If this development application is approved at North Maclean, 117 hectares (approx. 289 acres) of koala food and shelter habitat will be totally cleared. The major threat to koalas is the loss of habitat. This vast proposed site is only 45% of what is eventually planned for the koala habitat of North Maclean. This current application is a dangerous precedent in the area that should not be approved.


Since 1996, the community at North Maclean and Munruben has never been consulted about the suitability of industry in a rural residential area. There has been no social impact assessment and there is no social licence.
Residents surrounding the proposed industrial precinct rely solely on water from their rainwater tanks for their drinking and cooking. Air pollution from industrial activities, heavy vehicle emissions and dust from trucks will settle on residents’ house roofs and gutters, resulting in the contamination of their drinking water. Polluted water will impact adversely on residents’ health. Air pollution is likely to be carried by the wind much further than the immediate vicinity of the North Maclean Enterprise Precinct and its road corridors. Stormwater pollution from the proposed development will also enter the waterways that traverse the proposed site, which in turn will flow into Logan River and Moreton Bay, with negative impacts on water quality, aquatic and marine life. This impact has never been assessed.
There has been no consideration of the physical, social and emotional impacts on the community. There are already residents suffering from the psychological effects of worrying what will become of their health and well-being if industry appears on their doorstep.
Industry is incompatible with an established rural residential community.


PLEASE sign the Petition to help protect our vulnerable koalas, endangered quolls and other unique species from the destruction of their habitat, and damage to the surrounding environment.


Thank you.
Logan Community Environment Watch

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Reasons for signing

  • To preserve the rural environment at North Maclean and resist piecemeal industrial development which will impact our environment and feeling of community
  • I am concerned about the damage to the air and water quality in the area, just as much as to the native wildlife.
  • Air pollution, traffic, too much development


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