To: The Victorian Parliament and the Victorian Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Protect High Quality Food Producing Land and Rural Communities from Timber Plantations

Protect High Quality Food Producing Land and Rural Communities from Timber Plantations

We, the undersigned, support changing Victorian Planning regulations to remove the "as of right" status for timber plantations on Farming Zoned land (ie high quality food producing land), and that timber plantation proposals on Farming Zoned land are required to have a permit and meet specific criteria.

Why is this important?

Current Victorian planning regulations allow for high quality food producing land (Farming Zoned land) to be planted to timber plantations as an "as of right" agricultural activity.

This threatens food security for current and future generations.

This destroys the fabric of local rural communities.

The "as of right" status timber plantations have on Farming Zone land means that farms (which support families that make up rural communities) can be purchased, leased or rented and turned into timber plantations without any submission to local council required.

Once land is converted to timber plantations, it is unavailable for any other agricultural activity on minimum of 20 -30 years, sometimes more.

Timber plantations provide minimal employment opportunities for local communities.

The roll on effect is that farmers and families then leave the area. The community loses members and then is unable to sustain organisations such as rural schools, fire brigades, sporting and social associations, and the rate base of the municipality is diminished.

Local government authorities have no say in whether timber plantations are an appropriate activity in farming zoned locations.

We understand that plantation timber products are required by the community. Timber plantations in Victoria have "as of right" status to plant in Rural Activity Zoned land. This land is far more appropriate for timber plantation activity.

Young or old, boy or girl, city or country this is relevant to you. Australia’s current and future food security, the fabric of Australia’s rural communities it is all important to everyone.

It is a simple change. It brings balance to the rural landscape, yet it still allows for both food production and timber production to continue side by side in Victoria.

Thank you for your support,

The Tallangatta Valley Progress Association, No Pines on Farming Zone Land Sub-Committee.

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How it will be delivered

Provide a hardcopy to the local state member of Parliament to present to the Victorian Parliament.

Reasons for signing

  • Food security should have priority over timber production, especially on prime agricultural land.