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To: Tony Burke - Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

Protect Australia’s Right to Recreational Fishing

Protect Australia’s Right to Recreational Fishing

This is a call to all Australians to bring awareness of the plans of the Australian government to create marine park reserve (greens zones) that will effectively close an estimated 7 million square kilometres of Australian waters. We call on Tony Burke - Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities to not close these areas of Australian water to recreational fishing without sound evidence of environmental or socioeconomic impact.

Why is this important?

5 million Australians fish recreationally that’s your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister Friends and Family. At some point it is most likely we all have fished recreationally either on a regular basis or the family holiday.

Chances are that you know someone that works in the recreational fishing industry. Excluding an estimated 7 million kilometres of Australian water will cost countless jobs and impact communities some of which we enjoy on our family holidays each and every year.

Recreational Fishers do care for the state of the environment and the state of the Australian fishery. We respect the laws and fish within them. We are responsible and are Australians with a voice. We agree area’s sensitive to the protection of our fishery should be protected, if this backed up with sound evidence of impact upon that habit or species.

Protection of our marine environment concerns all 22,681,487 Australians including the 5 million who choose to fish recreationally.

Reasons for signing

  • i want to suport
  • I'm against the well funded environmental groups that do the dirty work of the overseas international NGO's that provide the funding, in the name of saving our environment, when usually the wealthy NGO's are just jostling for pole position for when the governments of the world realize that they cant maintain the marine parks and privatize the management of the marine parks to these same NGO's for lots of money, and they aren't even Australian.
  • Because we should not be dictated to by extremist ratbag minorities.


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